Autistic Liberation Front

Founded by Second Life avatars, Muskie Marquette, Alfhild Briers, and Natasha Shatzkin, in 2006, Autistic Liberation Front is an organization created to advocate for and generate positive awareness for Autism spectrum disorders. They also provide a supportive community for autistic persons. Coining the slogan “The Real Voice of Autism,” this organization invites all autistic persons to join forces and break down the stereotypes and the barriers that society places on this condition. The Autistic Liberation Front is based in the territory of Porcupine in Second Life since September 2006, where one can find the Autistic Museum, library, memorial and nightclub, as well as numerous SL avatars that have chosen Porcupine to call home. The Autistic Liberation Front encourages all autistic persons to buy land in Porcupine to not only establish a territory of liberated autistics but also a common place for autistics to interact, find support, and participate in the awareness. The organization also strives to empower autistic persons, and holds weekly political meetings on Tuesdays in the Telsa Room for avatars to join together and discuss issues pertaining to Autism.

Autistic Liberation Front utilizes its main building to facilitate various opportunities of interaction, engagement, and awareness. Within the Main Building, one can find the Autism museum and Jorge Luis Borges' Autism library which houses various exhibits and educational materials concerning Autism. Many artistic displays are found within the Main Building as well. It also is contains three conference rooms where SL avatars can attend conferences, workshops, and participate in different types of activism to promote awareness of Autism. The mentality behind all autistic avatars occupying Porcupine is to provide a place where those who are affected by Autism can meet others and hang out. There is a memorial found on the property to pay tribute to autistic children that have passed away, and there are many outdoor parks and beautiful scenery to enjoy as well. Also, there are other facilities nearby like the "Faith World of Sun and Shadow" where patients can seek help to deal with and learn more about their condition.

The Autism Museum provides a lot of useful research regarding Autism, including the history of Autism, how it was first identified and how the understanding of autism has changed over the years. One can also refer to the website of Autistic Liberation Front, which provides various links to support autistic persons. An online dating service is provided, as well as various ways to contribute to the advocacy of Autism.

Note: Autistic Liberation Front has successfully achieved their goal of raising $15000 Lindens in order to revamp their museum and library. Currently, the application is under construction, soon to open to a new improved resource center for education, advocacy, support and interaction for all.

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