CMSI 186

Programming Laboratory

Spring 2015

This page is maintained as an archival record of the course shown above, and as such, some links on this page may no longer be valid nor accessible. They are kept here as a record of the resources that were available at the time of the course offering.


Handouts/Sample Code

These links take you to web sites beyond this server. The sites are in no particular order or bias, just as they came to mind.

  • The Java Tutorials home page
  • Java Standard Edition API references:
  • Java style guides (Note: The course does not specifically require a particular style, but it does expect you to have one and to use it consistently. These links give you an idea of what these styles may be. In all coding style decisions, the overriding criterion is that your coding style must *present code such that it clearly reflects its structure and meaning*. Specific feedback that I provide regarding style takes precedence over documents that you see unless you convince me adequately that your style decision is also sufficiently expressive.):
  • The community home page