CMSI 486

Introduction to Database Systems

Fall 2012

This page is maintained as an archival record of the course shown above, and as such, some links on this page may no longer be valid nor accessible. They are kept here as a record of the resources that were available at the time of the course offering.


These links take you to web sites beyond this server. The sites are in no particular order or bias, just as they came to mind.

  • Wikipedia: A good starting point for virtually any concept lookup


  • The PostgreSQL home page: An industrial-strength, open source database management system
  • The Hibernate home page: Object-relational mapping between Java and a relational database system
  • Jersey will wrap our databases in a RESTful way… (see below)
  • …to be served up by Apache Tomcat over the web

Background Reading

  • As seminal as they get: E. F. Codd’s A Relational Model of Data for Large Data Banks, Communications of the ACM 13(6), June 1970
  • There is no shortage of material on SQL, so may as well start with its Wikipedia page
  • Not strictly database-related, but useful: Roy Fielding’s doctoral dissertation, which introduced Representational State Transfer (REST) to the world
  • In case you’ve never seen it, here’s RFC 2616—the HTTP/1.1 specification (note the first author)