HNRS 2000

Research & Exhibition

Fall 2019

This page is maintained as an archival record of the course shown above, and as such, some links on this page may no longer be valid nor accessible. They are kept here as a record of the resources that were available at the time of the course offering.

Here’s what’s on tap this semester, week by week. A version of this is on the syllabus but this one has live links and will be easier to reference during class. How to read/use this map:

  • Week of: This is the Sunday of that week
  • How to Prepare: What to read/watch/do, if any, before that week’s class
  • What to Submit: What to turn in, if any, by Wednesday 11:59:59.999pm of that week (unless otherwise indicated)
    • indicates a Brightspace submission
    • indicates an email submission
    • Some assignments have both
  • What We’ll Do: Activity/material/content during that week’s class

Week of August 25

  • What We’ll Do: Introduction to the course; start looking for a mentor

Week of September 1

  • How to Prepare: identify/contact potential mentors
  • What to Submit: nothing to submit, but look for a mentor
  • What We’ll Do: no class due to Labor Day—oh by the way, try to home in on a mentor

Week of September 8

Week of September 15

Week of September 22

Week of September 29

Week of October 6

N.B. You have around one month from the first deliverable (“reading party” video) before the first truly big one is due (annotated bibliography). However, the next sizable deliverables (proposal draft, presentation draft) are then due two weeks apart after the annotated bibliography. After those, you will have around one month before the final proposal and presentation are due.

The upshot: the course work ramps up closer to the middle of the semester rather than the end. Plan your time accordingly. You will want to be primarily in “refinement mode” by the middle of November.

Week of October 13

Week of October 20

Week of October 27

Week of November 3

Week of November 10

  • What to Submit: (due Sunday 11/10 11:59:59.999pm)   Presentation draft
  • What We’ll Do: Presentation practice

Week of November 17

Week of November 24

  • What We’ll Do: Presentation practice

Week of December 1

Week of December 8

  • What to Submit: (due Sunday 12/8 11:59:59.999pm)   Final proposal and presentation
  • What We’ll Do: Proposal symposium
    • Section 01: Wednesday, December 11, 9am–11am
    • Section 02: Wednesday, December 11, 11am–1pm
    • Section 03: Tuesday, December 10, 4:30–6:30pm