HNRS 2200

Cogitations on Computation
Honors Nature of Science, Technology, & Mathematics

Spring 2019

This page is maintained as an archival record of the course shown above, and as such, some links on this page may no longer be valid nor accessible. They are kept here as a record of the resources that were available at the time of the course offering.
  • Brightspace: Where you can access class screengrab video links and check your grades
  • We will look at some lessons from Khan Academy
  • We will write code using and possibly CodePen
  • How to Ask Questions the Smart Way: Follow these tips to improve the quality and efficiency of the help that you get
  • Dr. Philip Dorin’s email screed: A practical companion to “How to Ask Questions the Smart Way,” appropriate not only for email but all electronic text-based communication in general


Key Resources